Harvest-NG Help

Harvest-NG is a fairly complex system, and its likely that you'll want to ask some questions, or report a fault about it at some point.

This page suggests a number of different ways you can go about doing this. Feedback is always welcome - even if everything's fine, please feel free to suggest ways in which the documentation, and the program could be improved.

Before asking questions, or reporting bugs, you might like to check that your problem isn't already covered in the user documentation, or in the howto list.

Getting help

If you're having problems with getting Harvest-NG up and running and want some advice, there are a number of options open to you.

Post to the mailing list
The webharvest-users list is the perfect place to ask for advice. You'll need to be a member in order to be able to post, see the mailing lists page for details.
Post to the newsgroup
The comp.infosystems.harvest newsgroup general has a number of people ready and willing to answer questions.
Mail the author
Feel free to mail me with any questions or problems you have - the speed of my response will depend on my workload, so please be patient, and try the above options first.

Bug reporting

If you've found something that you believe to be a bug, let us know. We're using sourceforge's bug tracking system. Please browse this list, and if you've found a bug that isn't there, report it!

If you're not currently a sourceforge member, you can still report bugs, but please include your email address in the description, so we can contact you.